Skip the trip! you can sit back and relax while we service your car. We offer collection and delivery, 360 degrees Health check, 12 months parts and labor warranty on any work we carry out (T&C apply). Skip the hassle…No more waiting in dealerships saving you time and money. We also get trade prices from our garage partners which we can pass onto you.

We have a network of garages all over the United Arab Emirates. All our garages are vetted, checked, qualified and insured to work on your vehicle. We personally visit every garage regularly to ensure your car is in the best hands. This is why we offer a 12 month Parts and Labour warranty Free on any work we do.

Parts are not included in the service packages online. We can supply you with OEM, after market or genuine parts at trade prices or you can supply your own parts. We do this because you have the freedom of choosing your parts. The service prices online are for labor only, however at the time of booking you will have two options supply my own parts or buy parts from Servicemycar.ae. Remember our advisor will always call you with prices for parts & Labor and for your permission to carry out the additional work if we find any issues with your vehicle.

It is simple, On the day of your service our agent will attend the collection address for your vehicle. He will do a walk around and a damage report of your vehicle and you will receive a copy via SMS. Your car is then taken to the garage and fully inspected with a 360-degree health check.

We then get prices for service parts and if any issues are found we quote you on parts & labor for repair.  We then contact you for permission to repair your car. If you accept, we carry out the services, if you decline to get the work done then we will carry out the service only.

Once payment has been received your car will be delivered and the delivery report will be filled out with you to check to see no extra damage is on your car. All our invoices, inspection reports, delivery reports & parts requests are all done electronically and sent to your phone by SMS, Email or via the app.

You pay for the service package at the time of the booking to secure your service. Any parts & additional work you pay after your approval when you receive an invoice from us.

You can book a basic, full or major service through our website Servicemycar.ae or book through our app by downloading it through the play store or app store. For any other service or repairs contact us on 0585 762 247 (SMC 247) and we will personalize your request.

Service my car provides a next day service for all cars booked online. We collect at your chosen time and deliver the vehicle back to you before midnight on the following day. Our drivers operate 24 hours per day so your car can be collected and delivered at any time.

If your car needs any additional work that requires spare parts, then it is up to you what you want to do… you can either have original parts supplied by the vehicle manufacturer or aftermarket parts which we will locate.

We can keep your car the garage or if you are in need to use your car and it is safe to drive, we will return it whilst we wait for the spare parts to be ordered and arrive, and once they do, we will collect your car and take it back to the same garage to complete your additional work.

Yes all our garages on our network are fully insured, and all mechanics are more than qualified to work on your car.

A car wash with the inside vacuumed is only included in the major service package. However if you require a car wash & inside vacuum but only need a basic service then you can add it on as an additional service at the time of booking for an additional cost of AED 75.

Servicemycar.ae still offers convenient benefits and savings on all your wear and tear items including batteries, brakes and tyres and on non-mechanical repairs. If you have any queries you can simply use our online chat support to speak to one of our advisors who will be happy to help.

Free! When you book with Servicemycar.ae we collect and deliver your car. Skip the traffic and no more waiting around in garages. If for any instance your car requires a recovery this comes at a cost of AED 150 in & around Dubai.